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China Association of Violin Making musical instruments division branch of the second member of Congress, held recently in Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the meeting was a violin teacher made a general election chapter, Zheng Quan was re-elected for the Chinese Association of Violin Making musical instruments division club presidents.

 The meeting was chaired violin making division club presidents Zheng Quan, Vice President of China days?, Zhu Mingjiang. Chinese Musical Instrument Association Wang Gentian, the Secretary-General Qi Jianping, director of information abundance Yuankai, branch president of the Chinese musical instrument violin Li Shu Association, was invited to participate in the meeting, the meeting was invited to the International Violin Making Association President Paul Schuback Masters and division Italian Violin Making Paolo Sorgettore participation and academic exchanges, from all over the violin produced more than 80 teachers attended the meeting place.

The agenda of the four, Zheng Quan, president of Association of Chinese musical instruments for the first violin teacher made a branch of the Council report on the work; election produced the second violin teacher Branch Council; Member violin works display; academic exchanges. Zheng Quan, said in his work report, "Chinese instruments Chapter of Association of Violin Making division five years, the rapid development of Chinese violin making industry, the Chinese violin making rapid increase in the level of division, the achievements made by the world attention, violin teacher Branch of production violin making industry in China is playing an important role. five years, the violin making division branch in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing to adhere to the convening of the Council each year to study the branch's work, organizing various academic activities. five years , the Council has organized a master class, study tours abroad twice, a dozen of academic lectures, exhibitions, a dozen times, dozens Association. Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai to learn from each other, learn, exchange experiences, and seek common common concerns of the industry, has become the industry's core. violin growing production division of cohesion, a group of violin making teacher asked to join branch organizations, the number of five years membership has been growing rapidly. Chinese violin making influence in the international division growing power, in May 2007, China days? in France at the International Violin Making Association of the Masters was officially accepted as members, this is the second in China after Zheng Quan international organizations in the second member, 2008 Zhu Mingjiang the organization will become the third member of the Chinese. "

 Zheng Quan spoke of the problems and future work prospects, said, "Problems in the current branch and the work of the Council on the next proposal, first violin teacher decentralized production, and some violin teachers can not participate in production activities, suggested that in future press dependency relationship, violin teacher to participate in production activities in the region, and the establishment of violin making division site, to strengthen the links between members. Second, contributions paid, the proposed approach to promote the Guangzhou branch. Third Violin Making Competition has always been unable to do so, not yet taken place, it is recommended to continue its efforts to hold the domestic or international violin making competition. In addition, the proposal further to run master classes, set up a 'violin Friends' organization. "

 Wang Zhiming for violin making teacher Branch Financial Report for the previous Council.

 Wang Gentian speech on behalf of Association of Chinese musical instruments, he said, "Master of Chinese musical instruments Chapter of Association of Violin Making in five years, in Zheng Quan, president and branch leadership team under the leadership of violin making in all divisions of the active support and participation of branch work remarkable achievements, the activities flourished, through this series of events, greatly enhancing the cohesion of the ranks of violin making division, increased production and foreign Chinese violin teacher, violin world of international friendship and cooperation, enhance the production sector in China violin international influence and status to promote the production of our violin teacher teams to improve the overall level of violin making industry and the health of our country has made active and effective contribution. China Association of Violin Making musical instruments division branch expressed satisfaction with the work of five years, and certainly, achievements of the branch to congratulate and thank our new term of the Council of violin making teacher they hope that in future work, the Violin Making branch to improve my violin teacher quality, the adjustment of product structure and improve the violin industry The overall level of training and the establishment of a high-quality, high technology and make greater contribution to the violin technical team. "

 International Violin Making Association President Paul Schuback master of speech, he said, "Now, Britain, France and some other countries have produced violin teacher organizations, to see so many Chinese violin making division, China's system of Musician is also a very strong team, China's system Musician I have high expectations, future expectations of China's system of zither player team, through a number of activities to play a greater international influence. as a Musician for each system, the system should be more aware of Chin area more, including the old piano in the future will have the opportunity to introduce you to more. "

 After the speech, the General Assembly into the general election agenda, to members on behalf of 80 people after no dollars were counting method elected by the 47-member branch of the new Council of violin making division, Zheng Quan was elected president of the China days ?, Zhu Mingjiang elected vice president, Wang Zhiming was elected Secretary-General, the management COMMIT, Jimmy Su-mei, Wang Jianhua, Deputy Secretary-General was elected.

 China Association of Violin Making musical instruments division Branch of the Second Council held its first meeting in the evening, meeting to study the future tasks for some time.
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China Association Of Violin Making Musical Instruments Division Branch Of The Second Congress Of The

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This article was published on 2010/09/10