Four Things You Need to Know in Learning Violin

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With too many musical instruments invented, violin will arguably stand out as the hardest instrument to master among all others. But, for most people, we always tend to the way where we can shortcut the process of learning it, in which, if we fail to do so, we just abruptly stopped and do not continue anymore.  It is a very bad habit of us that we always want to do the incredible even we know we really can’t. In addition, most of the time, if we go to the path where we think it is the shortcut; it is actually the path that causes us to be delayed.

 In learning any instrument, even the easiest, it does not always have the shortcut. It does not always have the magic button that can teleport us to success. Rather, taking the path that we think is the longer one is the one that can actually lead us to betterment.

Now in learning violin, of course, you might still looking for an info that can give you tips on how to train faster. But honestly, you can really do it if you can fulfill some factors that are crucial on your way to learning of playing violin.

The very first thing you need to know before taking a lesson on violin is to find or hire a teacher that can mentor you on your journey of learning violin. Remember this, no one learns alone without the guidance of a master. You can’t teach yourself alone. So, it is a must that you must have to have a hired teacher that can teach you perfectly on playing violin.

Second thing, if you already have a teacher, you should not think that when you already learn the most necessary lessons, you might just fire him or her. It is very important that you should stick with who you started with. Don’t be a person who knows and that after learning some things, that you might think is enough and you already have it alone from there.

Third, do not wish for a luxury violin yet if you are still learning at the very beginning. There are still lots of thinking to happen and frustration will always have you on your way. And with these hindrances, there is a high chance that you might just dump your violin one day and you can’t have it anymore. You do not want to end wasting a luxury thing, right?

Fourth and the last, if you are still on the beginning, it is normal that you will commit a lot of mistakes, and that can easily frustrate you. However, don’t take these mistakes seriously; you will eventually overcome them when time comes if you keep on practicing. So, an advice, always practice and practice and practice and practice. In addition, trust yourself that you can do it. After all, there is your mentor that will always there to guide you.

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Four Things You Need to Know in Learning Violin

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Four Things You Need to Know in Learning Violin

This article was published on 2013/04/22