Violin Bow - Strategies For Selecting The Best Bow

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There are lots of variations in violin bows to choose from, so choosing the right bow is not even close to an easy task. Its also not feasible to just pick out any bow because each bow is different and can either positively or adversely affect the sound. Following are some helpful suggestions on choosing the right violin bow.

If you're a beginner just starting out then there will be fewer demands on picking out a good bow. If this is the situation, look for a strong bow that possesses a good curve (camber) and that's a great weight and properly balanced. As you progress in your skills, you can shop around for a more expensive and better fitting bow for your particular type of play.

When shopping around for any good bow, always take your instrument with you so that you can try out various ones and hear and have the difference. The correct violin bow should glide effortlessly being an extension of your arm without giving any thought to its presence. Check out some high quality, expensive bows, even though you cant afford them. By doing this, you will be able to experience what top quality truly is and it'll help you in picking out a better bow.

A great bow isn't just important for quality sound, it provides the player with greater confidence. A players confidence can be heard within the music, thus it is imperative to obtain a violin bow that you simply feel completely comfortable and confident with. When you find this, your speed and agility will improve, practicing and playing will end up more pleasurable, and you will play with less effort.

Also, when looking for a great violin bow, consider the material its produced from. Brazilwood plus some other tropical hardwoods are utilized to make inexpensive bows. Pernambuco is a superb hardwood preferred by many expert violinists. Unfortunately, it is becoming scarce and, therefore, more costly. Carbon fibre bows are performing at higher levels because of improved technological advances.

As you learn the characteristics of selecting the best violin bow for your particular style, your performance and playing pleasure will increase.

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Violin Bow - Strategies For Selecting The Best Bow

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This article was published on 2010/11/16